Ask why.

Curiosity is important. Always ask why. Then try to answer it yourself. If you can’t – ask.

In discomfort lies shrouded life’s real heavens.


Go by the actions, not the words.

I have been lucky in love, for I – by sheer chance – have found a man who loves me.

Before he came along, there was a pattern: drunken nights followed by unsafe sex followed by loveless mornings. Oh, I was in love each time, though. In almost every case, I had dreamed up people that did not exist, imagined the ideal where the opposite was true.

(I wonder if any of you are given to similar habits.)

How do I feel at the end of the story? Strangely, not used, not regretful, just that it was all wasted time.

Small price to pay for your fantasies, really, but then again, it’s a miracle that I escaped in one piece. So may I recommend that in love – as in everything else – go by the actions and not the words.



The Only Relevant Question

The only relevant question is this: “Is this what my ideal self would do?”

–End of useful material–Read on to take a peek into my thoughts today.–

I stand today at a place that smells a lot like failure – blinded by substances that are wreaking havoc on my body, plagued by even more unhealthy habits, delivering work that to me seems to be of questionable quality, and in a close relationship with true blue slothfulness.

There, that’s me. Do you still want to be friends?

Raison d’etre: Why This Place Exists

It has been a long-time dream to have access to at least one wall where I could scribble down my notes to myself – in letters big and small, in the shape of my soul.

This is my virtual wall, the place where I collect thoughts that I hope will guide my involuntary journey through this messy world.

Here I am, then, world, writing what I alone can write.

I welcome you to leave your thoughts on the matters discussed. Bouquets, brickbats, we love them all!

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