A modern-day means to stand on the table and scream.


Drive yourself mad

Drive yourself, drive yourself mad, even as lana del rey sings her tragic tunes, and becomes the voice in your head, drive yourself mad putting an end to those guilty pleasures that are destroying your body, why, even your soul; drive yourself deep into your petty depression thus, until all you have to get high on is what you crafted with your own hands. And then, maybe then, a different kind of heaven will open up for you.


Stuff to run to


Girl on the edge



The Year of Magical Thinking (Joan Didion)


Norah Jones




The desperate need for wise leadership

As of today

As of today, I feel I must keep a certain distance (read stay the hell away) from people you seek to impress, for they only stifle your spirit. Not through any fault of theirs, but your own faults.

Or, I could live a life of reading, marking out my favourite paragraphs in books, glean some of that learning and apply it to a not lacklustre but not particularly illustrious work life.

Live a life of honesty beyond the tactfulness that the commercial world demands of you. Shine your light there. And change the world one person at a time, as they say.

Nobody cares, and they never will.

Edit, edit, edit.

Hide, hide, hide.

Hide those inadequacies, those uncool needs, that constant need for validation, those people you put on a pedestal though not worship (well that’s some progress there).

Will my cracks ever let light in?


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