Quotes that struck a chord

“Fall in love with words, and they will love you back.” – (of all places) HBR on Business Writing


Nobody cares, and they never will.

Edit, edit, edit.

Hide, hide, hide.

Hide those inadequacies, those uncool needs, that constant need for validation, those people you put on a pedestal though not worship (well that’s some progress there).

Will my cracks ever let light in?


Upskilling: The Real Stash

My go-to list for evenings at home:

  • B2B blogging – best practices
  • Content writing for businesses – basics
  • Identify and follow content marketing influencers and groups on:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn

(Imbibe all the information | For this, create documents and revisit them repeatedly)

  • Content writing best practices
    • Know your audience
  • Content writing process
    • Mine: Knowing my audience helps me establish my boundaries | Working title gives me direction |My secret sauce is: to get into the reader’s shoes | to start with something that breaks the clutter – with stats or humour or often a nugget of truth that resonates with the reader | From here, its a proces of logically stringing together what needs to be conveyed | The gaps get filled and the creative elements thrown in later.|

My war is against a cancer stick

My definition of bravery has become a Facebook post.

I’m itching to scream, and be heard.

I just want to be known, and accepted despite.

I don’t want to hide anymore.

I miss friends, and real conversation.

Go, meet strangers. And children. Fall in love with innocence – the stuff is addictive, I think.

Amid all this hiding, I’m forgetting to live.

Experience the new each day. Meet someone new each day. We’re all itching for new experiences. The predictable dull drone that has become your life – it is imperative that you break loose – and experience a new facet of this mysterious, wondrous thing called life each and every day.


I seek not stories in writing, but nuggets of truth. Does it not mean, then, that a book of quotes on how to live better is probably my best hope of contributing to the world?

Something to work on




Raison d’etre: Why This Place Exists

It has been a long-time dream to have access to at least one wall where I could scribble down my notes to myself – in letters big and small, in the shape of my soul.

This is my virtual wall, the place where I collect thoughts that I hope will guide my involuntary journey through this messy world.

Here I am, then, world, writing what I alone can write.

I welcome you to leave your thoughts on the matters discussed. Bouquets, brickbats, we love them all!

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