So much runs on fragile pacts of trust

On the road, in the home, and in so many places in between.


As of today

As of today, I feel I must keep a certain distance (read stay the hell away) from people you seek to impress, for they only stifle your spirit. Not through any fault of theirs, but your own faults.

Or, I could live a life of reading, marking out my favourite paragraphs in books, glean some of that learning and apply it to a not lacklustre but not particularly illustrious work life.

Live a life of honesty beyond the tactfulness that the commercial world demands of you. Shine your light there. And change the world one person at a time, as they say.

Nobody cares, and they never will.

Edit, edit, edit.

Hide, hide, hide.

Hide those inadequacies, those uncool needs, that constant need for validation, those people you put on a pedestal though not worship (well that’s some progress there).

Will my cracks ever let light in?



What’s the truest part of me now? The most authentic?

Loneliness screams. I wait with bated breath for a wonderfully titled book that’ll arrive tomorrow. I think about how so much of the writing I see these days is peppered with references to technology, as it rightly must be. A million scattered thoughts – adding up to little. Where’s the focus? Should there be focus? Or is it my choice? I think it is the latter.

I hear a dear friend – one of the most sensitive and articulate people I know – say that her world is small, filled with a few friends and many books – and then I think I am okay. It’s not very commendable – this need for external validation.

Do I really live to experience my own mind? To see it take flight?

New friends and old drift in and out of my life – their egos barely visible, but floating just below the boiling surface.

I can not write coherently about anything for too long. It is a handicap I must deal with, or counter with a form all my own.

Cleave to the things, the people, the places, that make you come alive. Experience the new, but only newness that matters to you – people, ideas, never places for me.

I’m no cat; a dog any day. Light any day.


Upskilling: The Real Stash

My go-to list for evenings at home:

  • B2B blogging – best practices
  • Content writing for businesses – basics
  • Identify and follow content marketing influencers and groups on:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn

(Imbibe all the information | For this, create documents and revisit them repeatedly)

  • Content writing best practices
    • Know your audience
  • Content writing process
    • Mine: Knowing my audience helps me establish my boundaries | Working title gives me direction |My secret sauce is: to get into the reader’s shoes | to start with something that breaks the clutter – with stats or humour or often a nugget of truth that resonates with the reader | From here, its a proces of logically stringing together what needs to be conveyed | The gaps get filled and the creative elements thrown in later.|

Rooting out BPD

  • Avoid thinking in extremes – if its 80% say 80% not 100%, if its bad say bad not horrid
  • Ask why you are feeling a certain way – determine root causes – avoid or repeat as appropriate

Learning how to learn: This – this need to know theory before application – is all getting way too meta!


What is confidence but faith in your journey, the sort of faith that comes when you know you’ve tried your hardest to reach the goals etched upon your soul given the path you were thrown? It is the courage to voice your truth to the world, at the risk of being proven wrong.

Fake it till you make it is really good advice.




People want their stuff in neat boxes and categories; easy to skim and easy to consume.

But my thoughts, they’re messy, they jump from place to place. And that is how they will appear on paper – jumpily.

Today, I’m feeling very Tier II. I think it is important that I protect myself against people that trigger this feeling in me, that make me feel less than ideal, until I’m strong enough.

If you play “smile” backwards, its bound to sound a lot like “fight”.

I suspect something dies in us when we deny ourselves novelties of the sort that matter to us. Usually, we find out too late.



My war is against a cancer stick

My definition of bravery has become a Facebook post.

I’m itching to scream, and be heard.

I just want to be known, and accepted despite.

I don’t want to hide anymore.

I miss friends, and real conversation.

Go, meet strangers. And children. Fall in love with innocence – the stuff is addictive, I think.

Amid all this hiding, I’m forgetting to live.

Experience the new each day. Meet someone new each day. We’re all itching for new experiences. The predictable dull drone that has become your life – it is imperative that you break loose – and experience a new facet of this mysterious, wondrous thing called life each and every day.


I seek not stories in writing, but nuggets of truth. Does it not mean, then, that a book of quotes on how to live better is probably my best hope of contributing to the world?

Something to work on




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